Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sarey Savy: struggling to make his dreams come true but, never giving up

 Michelle Martinez
Seattle Underground Music Examiner.

via CAAI

Sarey Savy
Photo: Facebook Team

Sarey Savy, 14, male (born March 1, 1996) is a Cambodian American Bisexual singer first recognized on TV's "America's Got Talent" as one the top 40 YouTube performers finalists. He was interviewed by a magazine from Cambodia recently and is to be appearing in a book as a biography about the singer. He hits the stage with so much confidence there is definitely NO other Cambodian youth out there making a name independently like Sarey is. He has been in so much virtual news release, press release and been criticized by some Cambodian bloggers from Cambodia. Sarey has been independently promoting himself until Hugo Promotions stepped in and until he released a snippet of his single "Hard To Say Goodbye" onto the virtual world.

"It's like my hard is finally being payed off and i'm working with a promoter who gave my an instinct that he is focusing on me and where i'm planning on going in my music career".

Sarey got the main role of "Alex" for a film named "Sanatorium" but, went unreleased because, the director was said to be in jail. Savy's acting career did not stop and he is looking for more roles independently. Michael Jackson's fan-sites are calling Sarey "Michael Jackson Jr.".

"I have NEVER seen a Cambodian out there in the American industry and i'm planning on making Cambodian history. It's far but, visible i believe in myself and i'm confident that i'll get there. Especially because, i have the most supportive family ever and we are financially in need of help my mother is struggling and it hurts me so much but, i try so hard not to shed a tear and help her by myself even though i'm so young".

Cambodia is visualizing a bright future for this Cambodian singer and is praying that he will make it far. The American industry when it comes to media, is competitive but, the people/supporters/fans of Savy know he will make it through. He is getting there fast and is going on a month project with "Hugo Promotions".

"This is a chance for me to get to the spotlight and tell my story. How i got through it but, to also just do what i'm passionate for and that is music."

The singer is also an aspiring actor, model, philanthropist and rapper. He is doing 5 times the work as any underground star that is soon going to be mainstream. Another star on the rise whose star is shining brighter than, any other undiscovered young youth out there.

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