Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thai troops continue to throw and explode grenades into Cambodian territory

By Khmerization
Source: DAP News

via CAAI

Cambodian soldiers reported that Thai soldiers have thrown grenades and fired B-60 rockets into Cambodian territory from 6 p.m last night, 15th Tuesday, until 4 a.m this morning, 16th Wednesday but Cambodian troops did not respond.

Gen. Srey Doek, commander of the 3rd Division Intervention Force based in the Preah Vihear front line, said Thai soldiers continue to fire B-type and 60-type rockets into Cambodian territory at Phnom Trop, 5 km east of Preah Vihear temple, nearly the whole night but Cambodian troops were ordered not to respond. However, he said if Thai troops crossed into Cambodian territory again, Cambodian troops will use self-defence rights to repel those Thai troops.

Front line Cambodian military sources said that Thai troops continued to step up its attack by lopping grenades and firing rockets into Cambodian territory at 2 a.m early Tuesday morning. The same source said that at least 50 rockets and grenades had been fired and thrown into Cambodian territory by 4 a.m this morning.

Gen. Srey Doek said from 6 p.m to 9 p.m last night, Thai troops had lopped 5 grenades into Cambodian territory to provoke a fight with Cambodian troops but he said Cambodian troops were ordered not to respond to the Thai provocations.

News of Thai provocations came after a Thai commander claimed that 5 of his troops had been wounded during a clash early Monday morning. However, Cambodian officials, soldiers and Gen. Srey Doek, who were based at the front line, denied there is any clash between Cambodian and Thai troops. They said only Thai troops who continued to fire rockets and lop grenades into Cambodian territory every night since the ceasefire agreement on 7th February, but Cambodian troops did not respond

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