Thursday, 30 October 2008

A Thai TV was warned about its coverage of the Khmer-Thai conflict

By Khim Sarorng
Radio Free Asia
29th October, 2008

Translated from Khmer by Khmerization

Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday has warned a state-owned television (NBT) about its unreliable sources which said that Vietnam has sent its troops to Cambodia to fight against the Thai soldiers along the Khmer-Thai borders.

In its statement released on the 28th of October, the Ministry of Foreign affairs stated that it is seeking co-operation from NBT by requesting it to be cautious in its usage of unreliable sources before going to air.

The reactions of the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs happened after Vietnam last week officially denied that it has sent any troops to Cambodia as claimed by NBT.

In its broadcasting on the 16th of October, NBT quoted an unnamed source which said that Vietnam has sent its troops to support Cambodian troops in fighting against the Thai troops along the disputed borders.

In the middle of October, PM Hun Sen has said that the claims from within Thailand that Vietnam has sent troops to assist Khmer troops to fight against the Thai troops was an insult to the ability of the Khmer troops. He said: "Cambodia does not need any troops from any country. What people have seen in the fighting was the real ability of the Cambodian troops. The fighting was very insignificant, if we compared it to the battles that our soldiers have fought in the past. This war is what we called an armed clash by accident. And for me, who has fought in many battles in the frontline in the past, I don't call this a war yet. This is just an armed clash of small proportion. But they still accuse some neighbouring countries, like Laos or Vietnam, of supporting Cambodia from behind? This is an insult to the ability of the Cambodian army."


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