Wednesday, 23 February 2011

To all fellow Cambodian in Auckland

Dear All,

Today is a dark day for NZ as the Earthquake has shaked the Canterbury region of New Zealand. I has spoke with the president of Cambodian Association in Christchurch around 8pm today. His family and him are safe but unfortunately his sister and mother's house including his business place has been hits by the quake and damage. I try to find out about all cambodian families living there but unfortunately I could not get any information from all of them as the phone line is down. We wish them all safe.

As the damage has been done to the city and also our fellow citizen has lost their life, CAAI would like to ask you all for donation to support the people in Christchurch. Please take your donation to the temple and give it to the monk and CAAI will bring those money direct to the red cross.

With regards,


Christchurch Earthquake

Dear Value Readers,

Due to the major Earthquake has hit Christchurch city today at around 1pm NZ time, CAAI won't be able to publish any news becuase we are very busy to checking with friends and families and also the Cambodian Association in Christchurch. We will resume our publishing some time tomorrow or the next day.

Thank you for your understanding