Thursday, 28 April 2011

From Peoples To Abhi...SHIT

Anonymous said...

Cambodia said it was ready to talk, so why don’t they stop shelling? ABHISIT VEJJAJIVA

- I personaly would like to say to AbhiSHIT that the Cambodian army will stop their shelling whenever your troops stay still and do not move into Cambodia territory, It must be an idiot if you don't know what to do Mr. Prime Minister of Siame, Abhi....SHIT?

- Did Cambodian Army go into your territory now? or they invade your country right now? Your minister of defence said "Thai did not lost any land even a centemeter to Cambodia". If your country did not lost any land why are you fighting for?

- The Preah Vihear is belong to Cambodia and the whole world know about it... Did Cambodia needs to fight with your siame people to gain what?

- Stop using your political gain for your party and yourself to remain in power by using troops to fight with Cambodian innocent people ok Mr IDIOT AbhiSHIT.

- Use your idiot brain to think about people life in both side, those innocent civilians in both side needs peace and freedom.

- Cambodia is such a small country and poor as your siamese people are very look down on them and your siamese accusing them of invading your territory, my question is Does it happen? You think the whole world is stupid and idiot  to believe you Mr AbhiSHIT? did a small nation and poor having gut to fight with a big and having modern arms like your country Mr Abhi....SHIT?


Anonymous said...

Bravo war lover !

Dear Mr.Abhishit!

You are very good at acting as a good guy. what you have said is not reflect from what you have done to the Thai people. You are only care about your ambition to be a next Prime Minister to please your majesty. Do you realise that how much people living along the Thai-Khmer border suffer in term of lose their income and stress?

I can see there are many people cry everyday in Surin, Burrirum, Si Sa Kit and my heart drop to the floor. If I were you I wouldn't dear to visit in these areas. shame on you Mr.AbhiSHIT

FROM Poor Thai

Anonymous said...

You can actually tell who are the invaders and who are the defenders. there is no way in hell, an invading army goes out to invade having to wear flip-flops and t-shirts. Siams are clearly the invaders.

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