Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sun Shine Comes After Rain

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Thursday, 28 April 2011 08:18 By Soy Sopheap

Oddor Meanchey: A seven-day war at border between the two kingdoms, stretching 20km long, northwest of Cambodia, it is almost ended after a meeting of the two nation´s military commanders onThursday morning at O´smach. The result led to put an end to the clash by agreeing all refugees return home.

Analysts said that if the two sides declare to get the refugee return home and set a meeting for the two minsters of the defense, it is believed that the situation would be normalized soon.

Some said that if a meeting of the two defense ministers is to be held prior the ASEAN submit, it is a good sign to normal the situation before 22 April.

The analysts expressed their deep thank to the intervention of the United Nations, the United State of America, Russia, China and ASEAN members which were apart of peaceful findings.

Thailand´s Nation reported that the US ambassador to Thailand called on Thai PM Abhisit that both nations are friend bilaterally and ASEAN region. The ambassador said the US wanted the two countries to exercise strain to find peaceful settlement.

Now, the fighting almost ended, the diplomatic field is started properly.
Some said that they wanted to see peace and stability in the two nations, and return to normal as they are a good neighboring and ASEAN members.

The seven-day war leaves thousands of refugees of the both side and some people dead and wounded. Thursday morning, Cambodian troop hit Thai military bases, killing a Thai military general commander.

(Translated by Soy Sophea).

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