Thursday, 28 April 2011

Thai Hospital Staff Flee Border Fighting on Cambodian Border

via CAAI


Thai hospital staff run to escape shelling as fighting on the Thai-Cambodia border enters its sixth day.

Shaken and emotional, at least 30 medical staff and 20 patients were forced to flee to a nearby bunker.

Shelling occurred at least 100 meters from the hospital.

One Thai villager was killed in the latest clashes bringing the number of dead to at least 14.

Over 50,000 people have been moved to evacuation centers.

These Thai army tanks traveled near the border in the Surin province following the recent heavy artillery fire.

Talks between Thai and Cambodian defense ministers to end the border dispute were abruptly cancelled.

Many experts say the fighting over territory and sovereignty is fueled by political interests.

Sovereignty over the ancient stone-walled Hindu temples and the land surrounding them has been in dispute since the 1950s when France withdrew from Cambodia.

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