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Thailand, Cambodia need to prove their commitment to settle dispute peacefully -- Indonesian diplomat

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By Cundoko Aprilianto

JAKARTA, April 27 (Xinhua) - Thailand and Cambodia need to prove their commitment they have made in the meeting of the Joint Boundary Commission (JBC) and the ASEAN ministerial meeting in Indonesia to settle dispute peacefully, an Indonesian official told Xinhua in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Michael Tene, spokesperson of Indonesia's Foreign Ministry, said that Indonesia is keeping to facilitate efforts for peaceful solution.

"However, we need a political will of both governments and Indonesia keeps trying to push it," said Tene.

He said that Indonesia as the current chair of ASEAN is deeply concerned over ongoing hostilities at their border areas between the two countries.

"We repeatedly ask them to stop these hostilities or this military action and urge them to use force that is in line with vision towards the ASEAN Community by 2015. Indonesia calls for both parties to show courage in putting to the fore the urgent need for cease fire," said Tene.

He said that Indonesia recalled that only barely two weeks ago, at the meeting of the JBC in Bogor of West Java province, Cambodia and Thailand had resolved to address the issues between them through diplomacy, however complex the issues are. "We believe that such diplomatic path must be persevered," he said.

According to Tene, actually there are some progresses of diplomacy between both countries as by early February, there was no hostility occurred.

"At that time, we had a successful mediation," he said.

He said that problem between the two countries should not put obstacle for the bloc to reach the ASEAN Community by 2015 and beyond it.

"We realize that there are threats against the goal of the ASEAN Community, including boundary, continent shelf as well of exclusive economic zone as we still have not yet 'managed' the issues well," said Tene.

However, he said, it does not mean that the issues becoming excuses for the countries to become enemies.

"We must settle the issues through negotiations," said Tene.

He also said that the ASEAN must work hard to achieve the safe and peaceful atmosphere.

"We don't take for granted on issues of peace and security. That atmosphere just doesn't fall from the sky. We must work it for years through diplomacy and negotiations. Thank God, we don't have any conflict for years," said Tene.

The border clash occurring nearby Ta Muen Thom and Ta Kwai temples in the disputed areas adjacent Thailand's northeastern Surin province early Wednesday morning marked the sixth straight day of fighting between Thailand and Cambodia.

The six-day deadly clashes occurring since April 22 result in deaths of soldiers on both sides. Thailand and Cambodia have accused each other to launch a new round of border conflicts.

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