Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DAP News. Breaking News by Soy Sopheap

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13 Thai community radio stations ordered closed, 3 media workers arrested, for airing lese majeste speech

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 09:23 DAP-NEWS/By colleagues

Government authorities raided 13 radio stations in Bangkok and nearby provinces, shutting down 12 of them, for allegedly airing a speech by an opposition leader that was considered defamatory to the royal family, media reports said April 27.

The "Bangkok Post" said officers from the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) and the Crime Suppression Division, along with local police, brought court warrants to the community radio stations and confiscated their equipment. Three radio station personnel were arrested.

The "Bangkok Post" quoted Royal Thai Police spokesman Major General Prawuth Thawornsiri as saying that the raid was carried out upon the orders of ISOC after the stations were accused of airing a speech made by Puea Thai Party Member of Parliament Jatuporn Prompan on 10 April 2011 which was deemed defamatory to the monarch. Jatuporn is now facing lese majeste charges.

Seven of the stations were operating in Bangkok.

"The Nation" said that four of the 13 stations were run by the Red Shirts. Two of these were identified as 105.40 MHz channel and the 96.35 MHz "Red Skills" station, both in Pathum Thani, a province adjacent to Bangkok. A disc jockey from the former and the head of the latter were arrested, but both have posted bail of THB75,000 (USD2,500) each.

The third media personnel who was arrested was identified as Lek Suphan, who is program host of the 105.75 MHz "Ruam Jai Thai" channel. He was arrested from the station’s studio in Lat Phrao, Bangkok.

According to "The Nation", some 300 Red Shirt protesters barred policemen from entering the compound of FM 89.85 Kon Thai Huajai Diew Kan station in Bangkok's Sai Mai district.

At the height of the political crisis last April, the government declared a state of emergency on 7 April, which was followed by the shutting down of satellite-broadcast television stations and numerous community radio stations, most of which are run by the Red Shirts.


Superpower should turn satellites to monitor border fighting, PM Hun Sen

Wednesday, 27 April 2011 07:15 DAP-NEWS/By Vibol

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday said that the superpower should turn their satellites to monitor the border fighting between Cambodia and Thailand, and they could observe troops who started to open the fighting firstly.

Thailand has accused Cambodia of fighting first. I want the public to know that Cambodian troop have not invaded neighboring countries. Thai troops invaded Cambodia under Bangkok leadership to seek support from yellow shirt group, Samdech Hun Sen said in the congress of the women association of peace and development in Phnom Penh. “That is a cruel act and has behavior of terrorist, he stresses. Not all Thais are bad, he said, adding that we have shortened the border issues.

“The world superpower like China, US, India, and Russia should use their satellites to observe the border fighting between Cambodia and Thailand. They will know who has started to fight first,” he stresses. We are small country; we could not fight against big one like Thailand. The world can judge,” he said, adding he supported the new analysis in herald tribune about the fighting. Border fighting left dozen of soldiers from both side dead and nearly 20 injured after 6th day of fighting.

Samdech stresses he planned to raise border issues at ASEAN summit in Indonesia if Indonesia who gets the mandate from UN Security Council could not deploy their observers at the border areas. Indonesia could send their observers to Cambodia first, we already prepared for them. Feb 22, Thailand and Cambodia agreed to accept the Indonesia observers, but so far, Indonesia could not do it because Thai troops have opposed that measure.

He added: Thai troops used heavy weapon during the fighting and it forced hundreds of local families to flee home for safety. He also urged local authorities to take care of refugees to avoid communicable disease. He said, “Electricity supply from Thai side has cut off due to fighting,”

Samdech noted we welcome border negotiation between Cambodian and Thai PMs but it could do at upcoming Asean summit if Indonesia could not send observers. Cambodia respected the role of ASEAN for the border deal, he explained. “Thailand needs to follow the term of reference, he said, adding that we already kept maximum restrain as our friendly countries asked but Thai troops always invaded our territory like Tamoan and Ta Krapey temples. The temple of Preah Vihear, Thai troops invaded Cambodia on July 15, 2008 using own map after Cambodia enlisted the temple with world heritage site.


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