Saturday, 5 February 2011

Cambodia to complain to UN Security Council after deadly clashes with Thai troops

via CAAI

By Khmerization
Source: DA News as reported live by Mr. Soy Sopheap from the scene of the fighting.

- Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong said at Phnom Penh Airport after returning from a meeting with Thai foreign Minister Kasit Piromya in Siem reap that he will send a letter of complain to the UN Security Council tomorrow, Saturday the 5th February after Thai troops had used artillery pieces to fire shells into Cambodian territory during deadly clashes at 3 p.m today.

- Mr. Hor Namhong said 300 Thai soldiers had fired many rounds of 105, 130 and 150 milimetres shells into Cambodian territories.

- A high-ranking Cambodian officials said the Thai government had requested for negotiations after Cambodian troops had assaulted and captured many Thai positions.

- Mr. Soy Sopheap of DAP News reported live from Preah Vihear that at 6:20 p.m Cambodian time, there are still sporadic fighting.

- Mr. Nou Sarath, commander at Veal Entry, said that at 6 p.m the fighting at Veal Entry and Sombok Khmum had stopped, but the fighting at Phnom Trop still continue, but sporadic. he said Cambodian troops had controlled all the battlefields.

- Cambodian commanders said Cambodian troops had used all heavy weapons to fire at Thai positions and had destroyed many Thai tanks. Cambodia had suffered minor casualties, while on the Thai side had suffered significantly, with many Thai soldiers suffered injuries.

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